Hurricane Shutters not only offer you hurricane protection for your home and family, they are a great investment.

Let All County ContractorsImpact Windows & Shutters keep your home and your family safe with our Impact Glass Windows & Doors and Aluminum Accordion & Rolling Shutters to secure your home in the event of a severe storm or hurricane! We use only the highest quality products which meet the rigorous Miami-Dade County code designed to withstand Category 5 Storms.

Our prices are highly competitive and our warranties are some of the best around. We offer a ten-year warranty on all workmanship.

SAFETY: Keep your property and family safe. Impact windows and doors provide maximum protection with minimal effort. Unlike storm panels or even shutters, there is no effort required to protect your home other than simply closing your windows. Impact glass products also provides excellent protection against thieves or other criminals who may try to break in through your windows. Our impact glass is strong enough to resist even a hard smash from a crowbar. The glass will break but the special lamination throughout the impact glass will prevent entry.

REDUCED INSURANCE PREMIUM: Having us install impact windows on your home can dramatically reduce your insurance premium. It is not uncommon to have your premium reduced by 50% after having storm-resistant windows and doors installed in your home.

ENERGY EFFICENT: Impact windows and doors not only provide the protection that you need to stay safe, but can help reduce your energy bill. Our insulated impact glass products can block up to 75% of all UV radiation.

NOISE REDUCTION: Our impact glass products, due to both the thick laminated impact glass as well as the double weather stripping, deadens outside noise in a much higher extent than standard glass used for windows. You'll sleep better not only because of the protection offered by impact glass but because you won't be as likely to wake up due to outside noises.

RESALE VALUE: Adding impact windows and doors to your home can typically increases its value by fifteen percent. The expense you will pay now to protect your home can pay for itself in the future.

BEAUTY: There’s no need to compromise beauty just to stay safe. The frames of our impact windows and doors are available in over eighty different colors, and the glass is available in seven different tints. The aluminum frames can even be painted. And unlike storm panels or shutters, there is no need for additional objects around the windows to reduce the beauty of your home.

Our products are custom designed & engineered to meet or exceed Florida building code. They will keep your home safe! A dependable, trained, professional installer will quickly & accurately install your shutters with ease! Insurance discounts may apply, so check with your insurance agent! When you think of how great the loss would be…there is nothing better than peace of mind in a Storm!

 Our price assurance guarantee is to meet or beat the competition!