The specialist in aluminum screen enclosures. Whether you need to improve or remodel your home’s pool patio, enclose an open area such as a patio or pool deck, or have had damage to your current aluminum screen enclosure, we will get the job done.

Let us help you enjoy the outdoors. Protect yourself from insects. Don’t let flies spoil your food, and don’t let yourself become food for mosquitos. A screen enclosure will also keep you protected from ailments spread by insects such as West Nile Virus. Screen enclosures also keep your outside areas clean. Keep vegetation and other debris off of your patio and out of your pool.

We also specialize in installing insulated aluminum Lanai roofs over your patio or a portion of your pool enclosure as seen on the right. These stylish lanai’s can also be wired to handle lighting and fans. They are Miami Dade approved to withstand 150 mph wind and can be installed in a few days. They offer protection from the sun and rain, as well as being cooler and affording you much more usable outdoor living space.

All of our jobs are custom built! We provide custom design and engineering that meets or exceeds the rigourous South Florida building code and are built to withstand 150+ mph wind-loads. We only use the finest materials available on the market. The frame is fabricated from durable, maintenance-free, powder-coated aluminum. All the aluminum extrusions are manufactured exclusively for us and incorporate a patented system that locks in the screening that prevents it from being pushed out or becoming saggy over time.

We are experts when it comes to getting payouts from insurance companies. Most insurance companies will only pay you for the value of your enclosure and not replacement cost! Avoid paying anything out of pocket. Let us and our public adjusters work on your behalf to get the most from your policy, which is often enough, and sometimes more than enough, to get a brand new, completely current-to-code screen enclosure. Even better, we charge absolutely no additional fees when working with your insurance company.

Call us today, or click here, for your free, no-obligation estimate. Our price assurance guarantee is to meet or beat the competition!